Parish Representative List

This is the list of Cursillo parish representatives.  The parish rep serves as the liaison for the movement within each particular parish.  The parish rep's most frequent task is to sign the application for any parishioner who wishes to make a Cursillo weekend.

The parish rep should maintain a list of Cursillistas in the parish, and contact them whenever a Bible vigil is scheduled.

*your parish is not listed
*your parish is listed with a vacancy
*your listed parish representative cannot be reached
contact Gina Fire at 330-792-4844,
or email
Your call/email will be returned within 24 hours.

Parish Name
Representative Name
Main Phone #
Blessed Sacrament, Warren John Bokone 330-219-6636
Christ Our King, Warren Suzie Fitzwater 330-392-3811
Holy Family, Poland Ron & Marlene Piersante 330-757-3380
Holy Name, West Side Karen Lesko 330-799-2402
Holy Rosary, Lowellville
<Vacant - Rep Needed>
Immaculate Conception, East Side <Vacant - Rep Needed> <Vacant>
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Austintown Joe & Jane Grace 330-758-4214
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Niles Linda Bennett 330-544-0363
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Youngstown Ron DiBacco 330-757-4887
Our Lady of Victory, Andover <Vacant - Rep Needed> <Vacant>
Sacred Heart, East Side Ann Marie Morley 330-747-4606
St. Brendan, West Side Rick & Janette Koewacich 234-855-1413
St. Charles, Boardman Tim & Rita Klacik 330-726-0570

& Nicole Zayas
St. Christine, Cornersburg Jim & Laurie Kramer 330-792-9871
St. Columba, Downtown Giovanna Cipriano 330-619-5017
SS. Cyril & Methodius, Warren Father Walker 330-393-9766
SS. Cyril & Methodius, Youngstown Bob Tarcy 330-755-8351
St. Dominic, South Side <Vacant - Rep Needed> <Vacant>
St. Edward, North Side Ann Marie Morley 330-747-4606
St. James, North Jackson <Vacant - Rep Needed> <Vacant>
St. James, Warren Kim Molek 330-369-3518
St. John the Baptist, Campbell Marie Dulovich 330-755-0428
St. Joseph, Austintown <Vacant - Rep Needed>
St. Joseph, Newron Falls
Jim Massacci
St. Joseph the Provider, Campbell
<Vacant - Rep Needed>
St. Jude, Columbiana <Vacatnt - Rep Needed>
St. Lucy/St. Rose of Lima, Campbell Phil Gonzalez 330-746-6669
St. Luke, Boardman Bob & Judy Redig 330-629-9381
St. Maron, West Side Ray & Judi Hanna  330-726-2328
St. Mary, Mineral Ridge Barbara Ponzurik 330-652-7217
St. Matthias, Lansingville Ralph Roberts 330-758-6848
St. Michael, Canfield Dante & Pat DeAngelo 330-533-6760
St. Michael Byzantine, Campbell
<Vacant - Rep Needed> <Vacant>
St. Nicholas, Struthers Peggy Ellashek 330-750-0598
St. Patrick, Hubbard Deborah Scopacasa 330-272-3758
St. Patrick, Kinsman Skip & Janet LaPlante 330-876-1370
St. Patrick, South Side <Vacant - Rep Needed> <Vacant>
St. Paul Apostle, New Middletown Denny Magee 330-542-0133
St. Paul, Salem Donna Dermotta 330-337-6260
SS. Peter & Paul, North Side Gina & Ed Fire
St. Pius X, Warren Gloria Hart 330-898-4765
St. Robert Bellarmine, Cortland Donna Rish 330-637-8717
St. Rose, Girard Gail Licek
St. Rose of Lima, Campbell
Phil Gonzalez 330-746-6669
St. Stanislaus, South Side Barbara Roberts 330-726-5872
St. Stephen, Niles Jim Sylvestor 330-652-9080
St. Stephen of Hungary, East Side Bob Tarcy 330-755-8351
St. William, Champion <Vacant - Rep Needed> <Vacant>